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Al Saida caters the trading of trusted electrical testing, measurement and substation construction equipment from manufacturing companies in Europe, Asia and USA.

Al Saida supports our partner companies in its sales and after-sales activity within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have a team of Engineers who are competently trained by our partner companies to provide technical and commercial support to our valued clients in the kingdom.

Al Saida supports these reputable companies, as we believe that they provide best quality results that would immensely satisfy the needs of our clients in the kingdom.

VLF Testing
we conduct vlf testing on cables as per std iec 60502 (up to 35 kv). .. the cable must withstand the ac voltage on a specified time without any flash over or leakage in current. this method is a pass? fail statement. the set additional can provide the additional information of leakage current, tandelta or partial discharges at joints and terminations. we have both sine and cosine-rectangular waveform technology for test.

Partial discharge testing
We conduct pd diagnostic testing on cables (up to 35 kv). Partial discharge is an is an electrical discharge or spark that bridges a small portion of the insulation between two conducting electrodes.

Partial discharge activity is the first idication of insulation faults which could serve as a warning for a potential degradation of the insulation in the medium and high voltage cables. Partial discharge has become an established method in commisioning new assets or used as condition based assesment of used cable systems.

We utilize mugger’s dac systems technology, slope 50/60 hz technology or the vlf cr as well as vlf sinus.

Tan delta testing
Following vlf testing, we conduct tan delta measurements or insulation dissipation factor measurements on cables medium voltage cables (up to 35 kv). Cables are tested up to 2.0 uo and qualified using standards mention in IEEE 400.2.

Cable fault location
We conduct cable fault location for (lv, mv and hv) cables. It is multi step procedure from testing, breakdown voltage determination, pre-location to the pinpointing of the exact location of fault.

Cable tracing and identification
We conduct underground cable tracing for cables that has unknown route or paths. We provide site scanning for location underground utilities.

Cable profiling or tdr cable mapping
We conduct cable profiling to analyse the location of cable joint determine open and short circuits in the circuit.


Al Saida serves as service center for our trading partners, We are duly authorized for the repair and maintenance these products within the Kingdom.

  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Telecom industry and manufacturing companies
  • Power generation, Transmission & Distribution Companies
  • Cable / Transformer / Motors / Generator Manufacturers
  • Erection & commissioning organizations
  • Substation Maintenance companies
  • Contracting & Consultants companies
  • Electro Mechanical Contracting


  • Trading of Electrical Testing Equipments

    Trading of Electrical Testing Equipments and Substation Construction Machines and Accessories.

  • LV and HV Cable Testing

    LV and HV Cable Testing, Fault Location and Diagnostics Services.

  • Underground Trenching

    Underground Trenching, Cable laying and backfilling projects

  • Equipment rentals

    Test or Measurement Instrument and Equipment rentals

  • Repair and Calibration

    Al Saida serves as service center for our trading partners, We are duly authorized for the repair and maintenance these products within the Kingdom.

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