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Heat Insulation film, for vehicle and Buildings

  1. Reduce the heath Build up in the car 60% or more
  2. Save 1 Ton of Air Conditioning for every 100 Sq Feet of Glass exposed to Sun
  3. 98% Infrared Reduction
  4. 99% UV Protection
  5. Holds Glass together in the event of Vandal isms or Accident

Paint protection film

  1. PPF protect Vehicles from Road Hazards as bug acids, stone chips, gravel and sand blast effect on impact areas
  2. PPF provided UV protection while eliminating worries of paint from Cheeping and rusting

Nano Ceramic Coating

  1. Nano Ceramic Coating is super hydrophobic so any Water and dirt that comes in contact with surface will simply bead up and roll off
  2. Keeping the car cleaner for longer and easier to clean whilst maintains a high glass finish
  3. It is liquid Glass protection coating that forms up permanent bond with the factory paint work that will not wash off or wear way with heavy chemical cleaners.
  4. It is advanced chemical resistance to protect the paint work against that would otherwise effect the paint work, such as bird poo, tar , tree sap, bugs platter, oxidation and other form of chemical fall off and contamination
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